DevBoi 0.5.1 Beta for Firefox 1.5
(installable packages: Ruby on Rails and PHP)

Install online version for Firefox (~50kB)
with linked online resources

Install offline version for Firefox (~4MB)
includes offline version of all needed resources

How to install
  1. Click on link above.
  2. If Firefox shows yellow notice on top of this window, click on Edit Options and in opened window click Allow. The click on install link again.
  3. Firefox shows Software Installation window. Click Install Now at the bottom of the window. (Please note that it may take few seconds before the install button becomes available.)
  4. DevBoi now appears in Tools/ DevBoi Ctrl+F9
  5. To display DevBoi, press Ctrl+F9

Special version for Mozilla hosted on
application is fully hosted on online server (

  1. Click on link above.
  2. In few seconds, Mozilla shows Add Tab to Sidebar dialog (see image)
  3. Confirm installation by pressing OK
  4. Press F9 key to display sidebar. DevBoi should be at the bottom of sidebars list.

The devboi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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